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About Us

Bright Future Foundation Trust.


  • Education
  • Training
  • Employment
  • Youth Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • A move from unemployment to employment

Bright Future Foundation Trust is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization (NGO) based and working in urban areas Delhi NCR & Telangana in India.

Bright Future Foundation Trust (BFFT) also engages in community activities where a dedicated team of outreach workers work actively in the urban Regular community meeting are held by the staff to actively bring about awareness on rights and community mobilization. The work in the Community Outreach Program mainly deals with awareness on child rights, education, cleanless, disabilities, health, pregnancy (immunization, medication, nutrition, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives and registration with govt. hospital) and sending small children to Angan-badi schools. Awareness camps, disability camps and health camps are organized regularly. BFFT also helps district authorities in organizing camps for children, youth women.

Bright Future Foundation Trust (BFFT) also provides 6-months vocational training (Computer Education) for women & youth who learn skills to increase their employment potential and are thus empowered to become independent wage earners in Call Center, Shopping Mall & MNC company or go on to start their own small work units of Computer related So far, over 1200 Youth & women of Delhi areas have benefited from this program.

At present, we serve a total of 5 communities in Delhi and Telangana directly

BFFT has also helped children to get medical aid from government and other institutions.

BFFT is also instrumental in discouraging child labour and motivating them to pursue education

Parents of disabled children were made aware of and assisted in obtaining the necessary certificates (Disability) to enable them to avail benefits of schemes started by the Government.

BFFT has organizes 5 awareness camps, Skill Development camps and 6 health camps independently as well as in collaboration with Local Community & Hospital to ensure that people get their rights and basic medical facilities since good health was prerequisite to be attached to regular education.


Integrated development of SC, ST and OBCs by self initiative and people’s effort .long term


Initiate development in the following areas:

Action for Unemployment to Employment 

Education awareness and consciousness;

People’s cooperation , spiritual , Cultural and social development ;

Formal and Non formal education , literacy , technical training and skill development;

Child Development through Health , Nutrition and Education ;

Community Development through community effort and community programme ;

Women development through vocational training;

Managerial skill, entrepreneurship, organization and self-initiative;

Development of widows, senior citizens and handicapped  by participating in development activities of government ;

Legal literacy support , training and counseling;

Women empowerment, protection and promotion of women rights.

Skill creation, upgradation and micro enterprises;

Family planning , family welfare and health  ;

Environment promotion and protection;

Participation in the all kind of development and welfare activities undertaken by Sate and Central government particularly in the rural areas;

Establishment of public library , health centers and hospitals ;

Inculcation of National Spirit discipline, integration and participation;

Participate in the programmes of central and State government ministries, agencies , financial institutions etc. and

Raise means and measures for funding the developmental activities.

Promote and maintain cooperation, alliance, linkage, working together, networking and advocacy.


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