Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Bright Future Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Bright Future Foundation started its CSR related activities in partnership with various corporate through their CSR initiatives, started providing developmental interventions to the marginalized section of the society.

The Resource Cell at Bright Future Foundation provides a unique platform to corporate, where ideas and views are shared to identify the areas of interventions targeted at various marginalized sections of the society.

The various areas of support include Vocational Training, child care & protection, economic empowerment, livelihood, healthcare, income generation and micro-finance.

Bright Future Foundation is a member of various forums including corporate and NGOs where views and ideas are shared for effective service delivery.

Bright Future Foundation is working on various societal issues which provide a broader choice to corporate for their intervention.

It helps corporate in finding their role in community development in partnership with the civil society.

Organizations like Bright Future Foundation is also playing a crucial role in fulfilling the demand supply gap of skilled work force.

he workers who are working in the factories also belong to the marginalized society and though they contribute maximum in the success of the companies, they find it difficult to impart good education to their children and often come in contact with the NGOs working in their area.

Volunteers from different parts of the world come to work at Bright Future Foundation, during their volunteer programme they also get to know the corporate who are funding the projects of Bright Future Foundation, increase their faith and determination to work in such companies in future.

Kind of CSR Activities

  • Adoption of Centers.
  • Organizing a excursion trips for children and staff.
  • Spending a day with children and organizing some drawing, dancing etc. competition for them.
  • Celebration of important days of Corporate with their NGO partners for e.g. Centenary Day, Foundation Day etc.
  • Organizing an event for children Celebration of National Festivals and organizing a lunch for children.
  • Banks can join hand for Financial Inclusion in community areas.
  • Donation of equipment’s and training material for the students at Vocational Training centers,
  • Organizing a health camp, donation of ambulance, free distribution of medicines etc.
You can help Bright Future Foundation Trust through following ways:
  1. Child Sponsorship:
  2. Project Sponsorship:
  3. Save A Child Scheme:
Kind donation:
  1. Computers
  2. • Office furniture
  3. • Food grains
  4. • Study material for children And similar items of these kinds The donations made in kind can be relevant to the organization’s industry type and the organization is free to mention these donations in their promotions for image building in front of the stakeholders

Child Sponsorship Programme

Child sponsorship is all about transforming lives! It is a beautiful relationship between you and your sponsored child. Help a child from darkness to light, from poverty to self-sufficiency, from dependence to independence. Your monthly Contribution provides things such as education, health, nutrition and social upliftment Sponsorship Programme acts as a link between concerned individuals and the children they want to help.


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